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Let’s talk about heat!

What does heat damage hair look like? Definition of heat damage – “ Heat damage occurs when heat is applied to hair strands on a setting that is too high. It damages the hair shaft and changes its original curly form.” Sometimes, identifying hair that has been damaged is as easy as tracking your heat… Read more »


Top Tips for Summer Hair Maintenance

With summer here and in full swing, most of us are finding ways to stay cool one way or another! Whether that be in the pool or the ocean, tying our hair back… the possibilities are endless. While we may have ditched our blow dryers (because who needs them in 90° weather?) our hair still needs some TLC to keep it in top top shape during the summer months.


To Dye For

To Dye For:  How Are Your Beauty Products Affecting Your Health?   “From the time you wake up through the rest of your day, you should be examining what you’re putting on and in your body,” Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, contributing writer Salon Today, author of The Cancer Revolution, and one of the country’s leading integrative… Read more »