How can essentials oils benefit you?

What can essential oils do for you? Essentials oils have many benefits that provide relief in different ways. They also make many different ways you can use them like using them after a bath or shower to calm you down. Maybe you just need to use it during the day to calm you down when your having a difficult day. You can use them after working out or right before bed time. What I am getting at is you can choose your form or pleasure/relief. You can also create your own aroma therapy by laying complementary oils. We sell multiple senses in our salon, so let’s dive deep into those and how they can benefit you.   

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Lavender essential oils 

Lavender is very calming and therapeutic. This aromatic oil is made with a floral, herbaceous aroma derived from the flower tops, leaves and stalks of lavender. It can be used after a stressful day; it is known for providing relief during any form of recovery and can help provide mental clarity. Usually used after taking a bath or shower, and using it right before bed allowing you to sleep peacefully. Lavender works for all skin types and helps balance the production of sebum and rejuvenates the skin. Also, it has deep cleansing and balancing qualities that are beneficial for blemishing skin. It can help relief pain in your temples and relax muscle tension, which helps relieving stress and anxiety. Traditionally, it has been used to soothe insect bites and minor scratches. It has major healing properties, so whatever pain you may be feeling try our lavender essential oils. Pairing lavender with bergamot or peppermint is the perfect combination for relaxation and relief. 

Peppermint essential oils 

Peppermint is similar to lavender in a lot of ways; it can provide comfort and gives a similar relaxing feeling. It provides a very strong, minty, herbaceous aroma derived from dried peppermint leaves. This can be perfect if you are having a difficult day and need a little pick me up, or if you are someone who enjoy getting a foot massage. It works perfectly for normal to oily skin conditions. It can be used in facial steams to cleanse and decongest the skin and nasal passages. It can be beneficial for individuals who feel congested and believed to help for anyone who is suffering from a cold. Peppermint goes wonderfully with lavender and eucalyptus, making a perfect combination to take a nice relaxing bath or to enjoy a good night sleep.                                              Soft hands in front of a pink background

Vanilla essential oils                         

Vanilla provides comfort and warmth for whenever you need it. It has a very sweet uplifting scent that can bring you back to life after a heavy workout. It is beneficial for anyone with normal to dry skin. It is believed to reduce feelings of tiredness. Also, it calms and grounds and balances your senses. It provides relief for anyone suffering from anxiety and stress. This aroma can evoke feelings of happiness and warmth, promoting a sense of overall well being. Vanilla is light, fun, and very uplifting. Adding vanilla to your natural aroma can really provide that comfort that everyone needs.

Bergamot essential oils

Bergamot is a very refreshing aromatic oil with a sweet, citrus aroma derived from the peel of nearly ripe bergamot fruit. It has been known to help with strep throat, and it is perfect for when you are feeling your best. It has many benefits, it helps with people who have oily skin and works as a natural deodorant. It can relieve tension and balances mental and psychological states. It can help with individuals who have lost their appetite and uplifts and relaxes senses. So, if you struggle with any of these issues, bergamot is the perfect for you. Pairing this with lavender is the perfect combination for recovery and rest. 

Eucalyptus essential oils 

Eucalyptus essential oils provide comfort and relaxation because it refreshes and stimulates the senses. It can work as a natural deodorant allowing you to feel relaxed in your own skin. It can also provide relief from feelings of congestion and it can relieve discomfort caused by muscular stress. It is the perfect oil for an individual who is very active and needs relief towards the end of there night. 


So whatever you need, we got you! It’s a great time to find your perfect scent and give your body, mind, and soul that extra love. In other words, it’s time to take care of yourself, and our essential oils can do that for you. Check them out today. If you are interested in taking your self care to the next level, you can book a massage with us by clicking the link below as we all our essentials oils during our massages. Don’t forget to ask your massage therapist what essential oils she used on you that made you feel like a new person.  

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