Top Tips for Summer Hair Maintenance

With summer here and in full swing, most of us are finding ways to stay cool one way or another! Whether that be in the pool or the ocean, tying our hair back… the possibilities are endless. While we may have ditched our blow dryers (because who needs them in 90° weather?) our hair still needs some TLC to keep it in top top shape during the summer months.


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1. Have you ever felt Barbie doll hair? Now, have you ever had YOUR hair feel like that? Product, salt, and chlorine build up pave the way for dry strands. Using a detoxing shampoo, like Aveda’s Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser gives you a deep clean by utilizing corn derived chelator. This cocktailed with babassu not only removes chlorine and salt, but also aids with discoloration. Brassy blondes, we’re looking at you!

2. Tying your hair back when it’s wet is a big no-no. Braiding it, putting it in a ponytail- any of it. Wet hair is weak hair, and causing stress by pulling or tugging on it causes breakage. However, we know you’re going to do it. Take the extra step and implement a precautionary measure: Damage Control. This is a trusty 8.5 ounce bottle you can keep in your beach bag and spray into your hair as SOON as it gets wet. Chock full of protein and moisture, this spray helps to ease tangles and minimizes breakage from brushing and pulling.

3. Does anyone remember the Chinese finger traps? The things you’d put two fingers in and if you pulled them at the same time you wouldn’t be able to get your fingers out? Take a closer look at your conventional hair ties; they’re built exactly like that finger trap. You pull out so much hair when use them! Which is unfortunate because they’re so easily accessible. Stay on top of your game by bringing the 90’s back- keep a scrunchy on your wrist for added pizzazz and healthy hair. These won’t tangle as badly in your hair strands.

4. Think about how much water you drink when you’re hot and dehydrated. Now think about all of the moisture you’re giving your hair after terrorizing it everyday. It probably wanes a little bit in comparison, right? Our hair is pretty porous, and for the 75% of Americans that color their hair, it loses moisture pretty quickly. Sap Moss is an iconic duo recently brought back out by Aveda that is literally designed to give you weightless hydration. With ingredients like Iceland moss and larch sap, this shampoo and conditioner really preps the hair for anything that comes next.


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5. Let’s finish things off with a top coat. You’d be pretty upset if you got your nails done and they didn’t put a top coat on, right? No added layer of protection or extra shine? With Aveda’s Demi+ line you can actually do the same thing with your hair. A clear gloss sits for about ten minutes at the shampoo bowl, so it’s an easy service to squeeze in with your haircut or color service. Good for everyone (even people with virgin hair!) the Demi+ line packs a punch with the plant essences and oils from  kukui, sunflower, castor, and jojoba. With no ammonia content, the Demi+ line is just glossing the hair- causing zero damage.


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Pretty quick fixes, right? If ever there are any questions or you’re in need of further product recommendations, feel free to stop in the salon and talk to one of our team members. Summer is supposed to be fun and low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore all of our hair responsibilities!

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