Aveda Chakra Balancing Treatment

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

– Buddha

Get ready for energy upgrade!

Have you felt disconnected, impatient, depressed, anxious, or as if you just cannot get back to “normal” lately? It is safe to say, you are not alone. You, like many of the rest of us, are still trying to get our bearings straight from the COVID pandemic. Or you have been trying your whole life to figure out why you constantly feel like something is…missing. The answer could lie deep within. So how do we find it?

Within every one of us lies a sacred system that aligns to connect our mind, body, and spirit. Many of you have probably heard or know a little bit about this system. But for those who do not, let me break it down. The system I am referring to is called the Chakra System. The term chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “circle.” They are considered the energy centers of the body which run upwards from the base of the spine to the top of the head. While chakras cannot be physically seen or felt, there are seven of them and each have their own energy, color, element, symbol, aroma, and many other characteristics attached it. It is believed that if there is a blockage to one of these energy centers one is suffering from physical, emotional, and/or psychological disorders. The same can be said if these centers are vibrant and healthy. Chakras can explain so many aspects of who we are, what we feel, and what is needed to become whole as a human being. Below are each of the chakras and a few of their characteristics.


Root Chakra (First Chakra) – where we ground ourselves and take care of our basic needs

Location: Base of the spine, near the tailbone

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Aroma: Olibanum, organic patchouli, and vetiver

Balanced: Good energy, a feeling of security and a healthy body awareness

Imbalanced: Lethargy, resistance to change and the need to slow down


Sacral Chakra (Second Chakra) – the center of vitality and sensation where we

move beyond our basic needs into relationships with others

Location: Just below the naval

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Aroma: Sandalwood, organic orange, and geranium

Qualities: Grounding, patience, structure, stability, security, survival

Balanced: Stable energy, alertness, unblocked emotions and is connected to all five senses

Imbalanced: Repression and disconnection to the senses


Solar Plexus Chakra (Third Chakra) – the center of motivation where we set our intentions and desires

Location: Solar plexus, between the nest and naval

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Aroma: Fir balsam, organic lavender, and lemon

Qualities: Self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power, mentality

Balanced: Achieves goals, self-confident and has strong motivation and direction

Imbalanced: Mental blocks, nervousness, and impatience


Heart Chakra (Fourth Chakra) – the center of sympathy, empathy, and love

Location: Center of the chest

Color: Green

Element: Air

Aroma: Sandalwood, organic mandarin, and palmarosa

Qualities: Unity, love, peace, purity, and innocence

Balanced: Love and connection to self and others

Imbalanced: Depression, loss of connection and lack of caring

 Throat Chakra (Fifth Chakra) – the center of creativity, self-expression, and   communication

 Location: Throat

 Color: Light blue

 Element: Infinity

 Aroma: Organic grapefruit, rosemary, and ylang ylang

Qualities: Communication, will, creativity, truthfulness, integrity

Balanced: Inner trust, inner resilience, and easily expresses ideas and thoughts

Imbalanced: Selfish, feelings of rejection, and had difficulty in expressing oneself


Third Eye Chakra (Sixth Chakra) – the center of intuition, imagination, and perception

Location: Between the eyebrows

Color: Dark blue

Element: All elements

Aroma: Organic petitgrain, orange, and geranium

Qualities: Intuition, discernment, wisdom, imagination, knowledge

Balanced: Strong intuition, a connection to oneself, and mentally fit

Imbalanced: Mental blocks, overthinking, and lacks depth


Crown Chakra (Seventh Chakra) – the center of connecting to something greater than oneself, and expressing wisdom, and enlightenment

Location: Top of the head

Color: Violet

Element: All elements

Aroma: Olibanum, angelica, and elemi

Qualities: Enlightenment, grace, beauty, serenity, oneness with all that is

Balanced: Strong, unclouded, and joy for life

Imbalanced: Loss of self, spiritual abandonment, and lack of connection to the universe


Now that we know what chakras are and what they are associated with, take a second to reflect on each one. Think of their colors, their meanings, and then reflect inwards. How do you feel? Balanced? Imbalanced? At the Best Body Co, we offer a rejuvenating Chakra Balancing Treatment (Chakra Massage) that combines fine-tuned Ayurvedic aromas with an Aveda Sensory Journey to align each individual chakra, a guided meditation, and massage to help bring you back into alignment and assist in removing blockages that may be holding you back from your true self.

Our energy workers are happily awaiting your call.


Kelsie Brown, CMT