Health tips for the fall!


stay healthy in the fall How do we take care of your bodies properly during the cold weather? With the season changing we have to take better care of ourselves. Flu season is upon us, which means staying health requires a little bit of adjustment and preparation. I know right, we are all busy enough as it is. That is why we are here to help! Here are some tips to stay healthy during the fall.

Health Eating

The fall season requires eating healthier foods, to give your body the proper nutrients, keeping your body well fueled. Also, vitamins and supplements can help give you the minerals you need. Often times, we decide health food to keep your body health during the cold weatherto take vitamins and supplements when we are feeling unwell to help us heal. However, taking them at the start of the fall season can help prevent illness.

Maintaining a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals while taking supplements will help build up your immune system. Some examples of nutrients rich foods are: apples, squash, pumpkins, dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds. These are food groups that are perfect for our fall season. I know that we all love certain treats during this time of year, which is okay as long as we maintain a balanced diet.

Stay Active

Another way to keep yourself healthy this fall season is by staying active, to keep your joints and body moving. There are many ways to stay active such as fall sports, going for a nice walk, and/or going to the gym. When the weather gets to harsh, you can always move your workout inside. There are many ways to keep your body active during the cold weather, you just have to figure out what works best for you.

exercising in the fall

If you plan on getting outdoor activity make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. Make sure your hands, feet, and head are covered properly to make sure a significant amount of body heat isn’t lost in these areas. Adjust your clothing based off your temperature to make sure you don’t get too hot or too cold. Being prepared for the cold weather is important, so I suggest you bring that extra jacket because it is better to be comfortable rather than freezing!

I know that we all get very busy in our day to day, which I can understand. So, if you can’t find the time to exercise then make sure you stretch for at least five minutes in the morning. It will help release tension in your joints and help move the energy and blood within your body. It has many benefits and will help your body and joints move better in the cold.

Prioritize Sleep

I know you don’t want to hear count the sheep but the amount of hours of sleep you get is so important. Sticking to a sleep schedule, even on the weekends will improve your internal clock and help rejuvenate your cells. Here is a few tips to help you create a consistent sleep schedule. You can start by creating a relaxing bedtime routine by minimize your screen time and performing activities that help you unwind.

prioritizing sleep

Another thing you can do is optimize your environment around where you sleep. For instance, moving your tv out of your bedroom to make your bedroom a space for sleep. Allowing, your space to be quiet, dark, and cozy as bedtime comes around. As you create a better environment to sleep in, you can always add your own touches. For example, in the fall, I love to add extra blankets on my bed and crack the windows to add a fresh cool breeze while I sleep. 

In addition to creating a bedtime routine, make sure you prepare for daylight savings time. On the plus side, this means longer darker nights which can be great for getting the right amount of sleep. Just make sure you are getting you rest, so you can feel refreshed and empowered.


We want you to stay healthy this fall. So, as the cold season approaches make sure you support yourself by making small changes to your everyday life to improve your well-being. Start small by maintaining a balanced diet with seasonal foods. Make sure you are getting some form of exercise or at least stretching before you start your day. As well as prioritizing your sleep and making changes to your environment. I hope this helps you on your fall wellness journey. Stay healthy so you can enjoy all the beautiful things the autumn brings.

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