How to take care of your body this winter season

When the seasons change its important to take care of yourself. Our bodies and our skin needs extra care and attention because we tend to be more vulnerable during the winter season. Here are some helpful tips to take care of your body during this cold season.

Stay Moisturized

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In terms of staying moisturized, I do mean making sure your skin in well coded in your favorite lotion. I’m sure that’s what many people think when I say stay moisturized. However, that’s not all. Make sure you are not abandoning your scalp and hair. They need the love just as much as your skin does. Your scalp can get very dry resulting in dander and sometimes irritation. There are many at home treatments that you can use to take care of scalp during the winter. We carry a scalp solution treatment that will leave your scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, feel free to check that out. When taking care of your scalp don’t forget to take care of your hair as well, cold weather can cause hair breakage. Make sure you are using your hair masks as often as you think your hair needs it because trust me you will be able to tell.  Taking care of your body is the highest form of self care, so make an evening out of it. Pamper yourself and add it to your nightly routines when needed, trust me you will thank yourself later.


Stay Active 

I know you hear that term a lot, it is very repetitive in this blogs but that just shows its importance. Keeping your joints moving is so important during the cold season because our joints can get stiff and locked up. That’s why staying active is so important to keep your joints happy and keep you healthy. If you don’t have a consistent workout routine or aren’t super active, that’s okay. Just make sure you are getting those steps in, think about what you do in your day where steps can be implemented without taking anytime out of your day. If you enjoy reading in the morning, read and walk. Waiting for your dinner to finish cooking? Instead of sitting and waiting, take a little walk around your house, maybe even tidy something up. There are many ways to add some steps into your day. Trust me when I say you will sleep so much better by implementing steps into your day. Also, I recommend stretching in the morning to get your body in motion and prevent you from feeling stuck throughout the day. Which is so important during the winter season because we tend to feel more stuck during the cold season.

Stick to health habits 

I like to think of the winter season as a time to slow down, heal, and recuperate. The cold weather can cause us to feel down sometimes. Sticking to our health habits and routines can help us in more ways than you think, it can get us out of a funk or help us feel better. By sticking to our habits and routines, we give back to ourselves what’s needed and create consistency in our lives. I know personally the days I feel the worse is the days I need to really stick to my routines. Every time I complete my rituals I know that I am taking care of my mental health. It is always important to take care of your mental health but I find during this season I need to look after my mental health a little more. So make sure you are taking care of your mental health is season.

Take time for yourself

Make sure you are not running yourself down, I know life can be overwhelming sometimes but this is the season where life can catch up to you. Make sure you are taking the time to rest and giving back to yourself. As the new year approaches now is the time to take care of yourself and to reflect. Reflecting to see where you are, where you want to be, what’s working for you, and what’s no longer serving you. Figure out how you can become a better you this week. When it comes to taking time for yourself, I recommend going the full 9 yards. Relaxing is important but also taking a step back to reflect without all the noise can be extremely helpful. In these moments we can often see clearly what we need that we couldn’t see before because we are so caught up in life. 


I hope you have an amazing rest of your year and an evening better new year! Make sure you give back to yourself and take care of yourself. If you want to take your self care to the next level, make sure you make an appointment with us for a new hair do or hair treatment. Maybe even indulge in a massage to relax and destress. You can make your appointment below. 

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