Why it’s important to drink water after a massage…

20110427_head_sun_care_protectiveIf you’ve ever had a bodywork session, you’ve most likely heard your therapist recommend you “drink extra water to flush out the toxins.”


There are two the main reasons for this:

 1. To help the body recover, especially if there were some spots where the therapist had to work extra-long in a particular area.

Muscles become “stuck” due to lack of hydration; the fibers stick together and form knots. Rehydrating your body while it’s still in a relaxed state helps to thin your blood a little bit so the nutrients in water can easily be captured by the muscle tissue.

2. To eradicate the toxins that have been released in your body.

This may sound a bit sinister, but when toxins are referenced, we’re talking about many things: the natural buildup of stress, hormones, self-inflicted toxins (smoking, soda, bad diet, etc.), lack of movement throughout the day, medications. When you receive a massage the circulation in your body is increased, and when those stuck muscle fibers release their tension they let go of those toxins into the bloodstream. Toxins then travel down to the kidneys to be filtered out of the body. So, you can see where water will help speed up the system!


A general recommendation for water consumption is half your body weight in ounces. So a 150lb person should consume 75oz a day.

There are easy ways to make water more tasty as well; you can add some fresh fruits & herbs (watermelon and mint – delicious!) or even some food-grade essential oils. Citrus water is very refreshing on the hot summer days!


Practice Safe Sun

summerDo you have all of the essentials to protect yourself from the fun in the sun that we all love to enjoy this time of the year?

Whether you are a beach bum or a pool goer, we’ve got you covered with six Aveda products that are an essential this season!  At a minimum, the sun care protective hair veil is a must, as who doesn’t want to protect their hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours?!  We are so passionate about this product for the summer that we are giving each of our hair guests the opportunity to experience it upon completion of their service and have it in the center of our retail area.  If you aren’t a believer of the sun care protective hair veil, we hope you take us up on the offer to stop by one of our locations and try it as we’ll be providing complimentary spritz’s all summer long!

Stock your summer bag with:

  1. Aveda paddle brush
  2. sun care protective hair veil
  3. sun care hair & body cleanser
  4. botanical kinetics toning mist
  5. lip saver
  6. daily light guard SPF 30 (NEW)