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13265843_10207024723877411_2748391114846717325_nErica LC, LE- Guest Care

Erica has been with The Best Body Company team since 2012. She is the beautiful smile you receive when you walk through our front doors. She greets everyone as if they are a long lost friend and is determined to make sure each guest has a memorable experience. Even though she is a pretty face that is not all she brings to the table. Erica is also a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician which makes her very knowledgeable about all of the products and services we offer. When Erica isn’t here warming hearts and solving problems she is at school studying biology, balancing her chakras with yoga, or out finding new places to explore with her French Mastiff.



Kyla- Guest Care

Kyla is the newest team member of our company. Starting her journey from New York, she stopped off in Lynchburg, VA before making roots right here in Virginia Beach. Her passion for making the world a cleaner, beautiful, and loving place drew her to the down to earth life in Virginia Beach. Her background in customer service caught our eye but it was her heart felt welcome and desire to make every person walk out of here with a smile that made us know she was a perfect fit. Even though this is her first experience in the beauty world, she has always loved admiring people’s poetry at open mic night and showing her support at local art galleries.




Kate CMT

Kate is Graduate from the well-known Cayce Reilly School of massage. She joined our company in 201 and has become known as Kate the Great. She got this name not for just being great at her profession, but for always being there when the team needed someone. Whenever there’s a moment she’s not using her Reiki Master skills, she is going around to make sure all her fellow team members are set up for success. Kate’s beautiful soul is shown in her work as a professional
massage therapist as well as an artist. In her time away from the company she is creating works of art with her two spoiled pups traveling at her side. You can see the beauty she generates at www.katespaint.com

Rashie LC

Rashie is a Licensed Cosmetologist and has been with our company since 2014. The company saw her passion for art follow her into her creativity for hair. Rashie has been part of the hair world for 6 years and always takes classes to keep up to date with the newest trends. She loves to create looks that have never been seen before with fashion colors, unique cuts and timeless updos. She’s a rare find with her being a Virginia Beach native and also a lead singer in her band, Feral Conservatives. Her desire for the world of art and originality has taken her in many different directions during her career. We are humbled to say that before she gets famous and her band starts touring the world, our team get to work with her and see her passion in each beauty guest that leaves her chair.


nataleNatalie LC

Natalie is a Licensed Cosmetologist who graduated from the Aveda Institute in Jacksonville, FL and has been with our company since 2012. She has known since she was a little girl she wanted to be in the beauty industry. She has always loved playing with her friends hair, painting her grandmothers nails and do glamour shots for them to show them how beautiful they can be with just a little bit of her magic. She moved her from Florida to be closer the her family and live the dream life at the beach. Her passion will always come from her love to make everyone feel like a movie star whenever they leave her chair.


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