For long-lasting lips…

Step 12873-037_aw15_mu_makeupsingleblock_Hires: Prep your lips using Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant.
Step 2: Apply Aveda Nourish-mint Lip Renewing Treatment. For best results, apply when you start getting ready & leave it on while you do the rest of your make-up and get dressed.
Step 3: Gently remove lip balm. Skipping this step will result in lipstick that doesn’t adhere well.
Step 4: Apply Aveda Inner Light Concealer to lips. This acts as a primer and creates a neutral canvas. Make sure to smile when putting it on to fill in the cracks so the lipstick will apply evenly.
Step 5: Line lips with Aveda Lip Liner in a neutral shade for a natural look or use a liner that matches your lipstick for a bold look.
Step 6: Fill in the rest of your lips using the lip liner.
Step 7: Apply Aveda Smoothing Lip Color in a criss-cross pattern at the cupid’s bow, the outer corners and the bottom of the lip.
Step 8: Working from the initial starting points, use a “connect-the-dots” method to fill in the rest of the lips.
Step 9: Blot lips and apply one final layer of lipstick.
Step 10: (Optional) For a matte finish, cover your lips with a tissue & apply Aveda Translucent Powder through the tissue.

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