A holistically oriented full-body massage style using light to medium pressure; focuses on circulation and the lymphatics, relaxing the nervous systems, and joint range of motion; an excellent de-stressor the massage system of choice for those committed to regular massage as part of a health and wellness lifestyle.

In general, the benefits of regular Swedish or Cayce/Reilly massage – whether weekly, bimonthly or monthly – include:

  • strengthening the immune system
  • reducing stress and relaxing
  • speeding the healing process
  • improving sleep patterns
  • providing a passive cardiovascular workout equivalent to a 3-mile walk
  • encouraging joint flexibility
  • decreasing pain (the latest research shows that massage is the most effective treatment for low back pain)
  • nourishing the skin
  • enhancing self-appreciation and promoting body awareness.

During your massage session, you are draped (covered with a sheet and blanket or towel) for modesty; the therapist only uncovers those parts to be massaged. The Best Body Company contracts only certified therapists from accredited massage therapy schools and takes pride in offering you professional, ethical, and skilled practitioners for your health care and peace of mind

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