Aveda Unbuttoned Tour

Aveda Fall Hair Show 2017

What an exciting weekend!    After a morning of motivational speakers and Aveda news, we spent the evening jamming with a DJ while Global and local Aveda artists showcased their talents on stage at the Fillmore for Aveda Unbuttoned Tour in Silver Springs MD.

Day two was a cozy, up close and personal get together with national Aveda artists Ian Michael Black and Ricardo Dinis. They answered all of our questions and mentored us on Aveda culture, technical skills and sharing using social media with other Aveda Artists best practices.


Massages for Maru

Meet Maru Chan, the super silky lab/border collie mix. Maru enjoys runs and long hikes. He is seven, but like most dogs is still a puppy at heart. Most days he can be found where ever I am, as my near constant companion! I want him to be as happy and heathy as possible! Some may think the idea of a pet needing more relaxing than the common depiction of them already gets to be silly, with the thought of them lounging on a sofa while a warm breeze wafts through an open window and the sleepy sound of a mower going in the yard over carrying them off to sleep. But with the sounds of traffic, TV’s, and other pets not to mention that most pets do not get enough exercise makes them in need of a good relaxing massage from time to time. Now, one might ask where they could take their furry friend for a fun filled spa adventure, well they would be happy to learn that there are many places to go in any city and if no spas abound there are plenty of professionals available for at home visits and if all else fails you can deliver a wonderful massage to your fuzzy love puff! Yes, you can bring joy into your pet’s life without any formal training! Start by creating a soothing environment by dimming the lights, playing some soft music and TURNING off the TV! Then begin petting their head and ears gently, then maintaining a slow and delicate pace carefully run your fingers along their spine to the base of the tail then start slow rhythmic circles along hips, but be careful of the pressure as older pets tend to have a lot of sensitivity here. After the first pass begin again at the top of their head and work through their chest as most pets hold their tension here, gently stroking toward paws. After paws carefully rub the belly with a rhythmic motion and end by either tracing down the sides of tummy or running fingers through chest once more. With this simple massage your little companion (or large) shall be happy as a clam!

The importance of massaging your pet