Bamboo Massage

Bamboo – many people consider this durable and beautiful plant for floors, decorative items, and kitchen utensils BUT few people know that it can be incorporated into a massage for a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Massage therapists use pressed bamboo to provide a firm, even pressure. Pressed bamboo tools come in several different shapes and sizes to treat different areas of the body. Similar to hot stone massage, bamboo massage uses heat and technique to provide an unforgettable treatment. Bamboo can be combined with deep tissue to provide an even deeper release of tense muscles.  You can also opt for bamboo to enhance relaxation with a warm, gliding sensation. Bamboo massage is rapidly becoming a popular therapy across the US; try this fantastic new technique today!bamboo



As many of you know, our fearless leader, Pamela Best, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2014.  Inspired by her journey, our team is especially passionate about encouraging breast health awareness this October.

Stop by the studio to play Bra Pong!  For a $5 donation, you will have 3 chances to earn a discount on your next service at The Best Body Company.

All of the funds raised will be donated to Jessica Wood of Norfolk, Virginia.  Jessica is a 33 year-old nurse who started treatment in July for an invasive form of breast cancer.  Please read more about her story.

Thank you for your support!